315 Madison Street Rm 110
Port Clinton, Ohio 43452
(419) 734-4404

The Corrections Division is the largest division within the Sheriff's Office, employing 23 full-time Corrections Deputies and an Administrator. The Corrections Division operates two jails, the Detention Facility (Full-Service) and a Minimum Security Jail.

The Detention Facility which was newly renovated in 1997, is a 48 bed facility housing adult men and women charged with or convicted of Misdemeanor and/or Felony offenses.

The Detention Facility was never closed during the renovation project and the Corrections Deputies did a great job working under adverse conditions. The inconveniences incurred were well worth it as our new cell fronts and computerized controls have been a tremendous asset.

The Minimum Security Jail, constructed and opened in 1996, is a 48 bed dormitory style facility. The Minimum Security Jail houses sentenced, non-violent male and female offenders. The concept of "Pay to Stay" at this facility is a "Win-Win" situation for everyone involved. Inmates incarcerated at this facility either go out to a job in the community and pay a percentage back to the county, or are required to work as Trustees, performing community service work for the county.


Visitation at the Main Jail and Misdemeanor Jail is:

Tuesday                      7:00pm to 9:00pm

Thursday                    7:00pm to 9:00pm

Saturday                     2:00pm to 4:00pm