315 Madison Street Rm 110
Port Clinton, Ohio 43452
(419) 734-4404

The uniformed patrol division is responsible for answering emergency and non-emergency calls for service to the citizens and guest of our community. These officers have jurisdiction over the entire county. The uniformed patrol deputy is often the first face an individual sees in a time of crisis. Uniformed Deputies undergo extensive training and are required to pass an extensive firearm qualification course at least once a year. The officers are also responsible for assisting the civil division in the service of civil papers and warrants. They not only respond to calls for service but also assist the various fire and rescue units in the community. There is a patrol Sergeant for every shift that is responsible for acting as a liaison between the uniformed deputies and the office administration. 

The Ottawa County Sheriff's Office currently has two full time detectives to conduct investigations on criminal complaints received by the Sheriff's Office. One detective function primarily in the criminal activity field. He is specially trained in several fields of investigation, interviewing and crime scene processing. These detectives are also responsible for presenting cases to the Prosecutor's Office and the Ottawa County Grand Jury. They also coordinate investigations with neighboring communities and counties.

 One detective is assigned full time to the Ottawa County Drug Task Force ensuring special emphasis on narcotics enforcement and investigations. There are two agents employed by the Ottawa County Prosecutors Office assigned to full time drug investigations, however they do assist Sheriff Detectives and other agencies with major case investigations when needed.

The Records Division is responsible for maintaining all crime reports, accident reports and other various records for the Sheriff's Office. These responsibilities also include providing documentation at the request of attorneys, prosecutors, citizens or others needing public record access. The majority of files are computerized to assist in the retrieval of information. The Ottawa County Sheriff's Office utilizes a networked computer system and CISCO Public Safety Software. This system also automates the booking procedures for both Correctional facilities.

The Records Division may be reached at 419-734-6823 by phone, or email at or fax at 419-734-6876.

Deputy Gale Zelms and Deputy Dave Regal are presently serving as the Civil Deputies in Ottawa County. It is their responsibility to maintain the flow of all paperwork issued by the courts to the Sheriff's Office. All indictments, summons, warrants and extradition papers are filed through the Civil Division of the Sheriff's Office. Deputies assure these papers are served in a timely manner and are returned to the court system properly. They are also responsible for collecting and recording any Sheriff's fees generated by the service of this paperwork. They maintain daily contact with the Ottawa County Common Pleas Court, Ottawa County Probate and Juvenile Courts and the Ottawa County Municipal Court.

The Communications Center answers phones, dispatches emergency police, fire and rescue units throughout the county. The Sheriff's Office is also responsible for the county wide 9-1-1 systems, the Davis-Besse emergency warning system and several alarm systems within the county.

As of December 1997, a new CML 911 system was placed online. This system replaced the former system, which had been in service for 10 years. In February of 2004 the 911 system was upgraded again.

Two Communications Deputies on each shift man the Communications Center. Communications Sergeant James Lucas is the direct supervisor over all dispatching and 9-1-1 operations. All communications personnel are EMD certified for providing pre-arrival medical instructions.

Dispatchers are assisted by the use of an A-CAD (Computer Aided Dispatching) system. This system enables them to monitor the assignment of calls as well as determine grid locations. This system is directly linked to 9-1-1.