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The Ottawa County Sheriffs Office has received our yearly Marine Patrol grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Watercraft. The amount, $32,000.00, is the largest amount we have received in several years. Those monies, along with donations from the Catawba Island and Danbury Township Trustees, will fund our Marine Patrol Program for 2011.



The geographical area of Ottawa County alone justified the need for such service. Ottawa County has a total of 576.94 square miles, with 323.67 square miles being of navigable waterways. The 107 miles of shoreline account for 41% of the 262 miles of Ohio's eight counties that share Lake Erie's southern shoreline.

At the forming of this rescue service, Ottawa County's 182 marine facilities made up 69% of Ohio's 383 marine facilities. These 182 marine facilities supported approx. 15,400 commercial boat docks for permanent docking or about 58% of the total commercial boat docking on Lake Erie. This number has since grown to just under 16,000. This does not include the privately owned docks nor the increasing popular dry, rack or transit boaters. This all translates to over 4,242 million man hours of boating on Ottawa County waterways and over 100,000 fishing licenses sold in Ottawa County.

Diver safety being paramount, diver training and experience is required for all members. All divers entering the water must be at least rescue certified and no diver is permitted under the ice without ice rescue training. 

The services provided by this division of the Sheriff's Office is not limited to just body rescue and recovery. Public awareness of water safety is among one of the many duties of this division. This is achieved by going to different organizations and providing presentations, by attending many parades in the county and presenting programs in the elementary schools on water safety.

Evidence recovery for all Ottawa County law enforcement agencies as well as the surrounding counties is also made available through the use of personal equipment including two underwater metal detectors and three underwater 35mm cameras. This equipment, as well as life supporting dive gear, is owned and maintained by each diver.

With an average of ten emergency calls a year, approximately 1700 man hours are volunteered yearly maintaining equipment, the stations and programs. Nearly 150 man hours were accumulated in moving the station from the Port Clinton Lumber Company to the new station at the Ohio Edison's Lakeview Substation.

Tax deductible donations can be made direct to the Ottawa County Sheriff Underwater Response Team by means of cash, check or even items to be used, sold or raffled.



The Ottawa County Sheriffs Office Special Response Team consists of Sheriffs Deputies and other law enforcement officers within the county who assist in high-risk situations, including hostage negotiations, barricaded individuals or the execution of felony search or arrest warrants.

This unit trains on a continuing basis and has assisted the Detective Division, the Ottawa County Drug Task Force and various law enforcement agencies on the state and local level within the county to a high performance level. In today's society, this is a much-needed unit for the security and safety of our citizens and our officers. 


The Ottawa County Sheriff's Office Reserve Division is a volunteer organization that assists the Sheriff's Office in all areas of operation. This unit has been a positive addition to the Sheriff's Office for several years. Reserve Deputies serve in assisting with prisoner transports, security functions, traffic control, fingerprinting juveniles, clerical duties and public relations. The Reserve Deputies also serve with the Uniformed Patrol Division as an extra set of eyes and ears when riding or training. The Reserve Division also serves as a training ground for new Deputies or those officers wishing to gain employment within the law enforcement field. 

The Honor Guard is the formal representative of the Sheriff's Office at all types of functions in Northwest Ohio area, including funerals, graduations, parades and other special activities. The deputies who comprise the Honor Guard must have discipline and stamina and present a professional appearance on a daily basis.